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Comments Received from Recent Clients of Our Healthy Dog, Cat, and People Products

The terrier test of Celadon Road dog toys

I'm attaching a photo of Trixie and the Tux. It was a big hit with both dogs and the best news is that it HAS NOT BEEN TORN UP!! That's a big deal around here. I also ordered one of the rubber bones (Hurley) and it's still in one piece, too. I like that I can leave it out for them to play with at will. It's not as popular as the Tux (since there's no food inside) but they do play with it.

If you guys are coming for our trial in June and could bring some of those toys to sell, I think they'd be popular. From Gay

Rapid results from the Life’s Abundance Agility formula

The supplements arrived and I started them immediately with my dog who is recovering from PLO surgery which is a major surgery on his knee. He was on 3 legs, and still stands on 3. But almost immediately started putting more weight on the leg during the 3 walks per day that he is currently allowed. I bought 4 large bottles and am using them for my old guy as well. I am sure to reorder when we are done. From Shirley

So much to like!

I really like the Life’s Abundance products—the food smells so fresh when I open it and the cats just love their new kitty food and they devour those gourmet kitty treats. I have them (the kitties) on (another) multi vitamin but am running low and thought that I would give the cat supplement a try instead . . . since they love everything else. And the dogs LOVE their food and their peanut butter cookies. And the agility supplement has boswellia in it, which my vet actually wants McKenzie to be on since her ACL tear 6 years ago. From Deb

A GSD loves the food and loses excess weight

Thanks for the card. Sandy is loving the food - she looks forward to breakfast and dinner time and lets me know she is ready to eat. Before, on the other food, she would just let it sit in the bowl for hours before eating it. She has lost weight too and is looking and feeling good. Thanks for all the info on your great product. From Karen

Fish oil and photos and service!

Talk about service! Geeeez—never expected this! The photo looks great—thanks for the fix up. Maybe when he wins his open title you can do a portrait of him.

And Rebecca I'm hoping the fish oil does the trick. Hard to find "clean" fish oil. Again, many many thanks—you both went above and beyond! (And thanks for the wallets—I can give them to people like people give pictures of their kids! ha!) From Bev

Underweight dog starts eating again!

I am the happiest girl on the planet!! The dog food arrived yesterday...Molly ate it!!! and she ate again this AM! From Lisa

A picky GSD loves Life’s Abundance food and treats!

I wanted to let you know [my picky GSD] and the others loved the goodies you sent and even got back into the bags and shredded them on the living room floor after they ate the goodies! From Sarah

Just switched food and dog loves it!

Pete loves the food. I did a test this morning – two identical containers, one with the old dog food, one with the new. He sniffed both and within a second was gobbling down the Life’s Abundance food – he didn’t stop eating until he finished it. He then polished off his old food. I don’t think it had to do with the novelty of it - I think he really liked the taste better. From Molly

BioDeoerizer erases smells

I was at an agility trial this past weekend and some pooch "watered" my table cover. I brought BioDeoderizer with me the next day and sprayed the area so no more pups would find my table cover an attractive place to do business--success! From Lisbeth

Shampoo a groomer can love

I finally got to use the dog shampoo last week and it is incredible! Lathers up so nice and rinses clean and fast! By far one of the best I've ever used and believe me I've been around the block a time or two with dog shampoos. I used to work in a grooming shop. This shampoo is awesome! From Jennifer

No more vomiting

My dog had occasional vomiting problems and they went complete away when she started on the Life’s Abundance food. From Ted

Dog relaxes about food

Since putting my Sandy on your food (Life’s Abundance) she has indeed become more relaxed about eating. She’s not hungry all the time! She enjoys her 2 meals and is satisfied. What a change. Thanks for letting me know about this product. Time to reorder treats too. From Karen

No more stink!

We are really enjoying the HealthyPetNet food, well, the boys are! Garrison, 9 lb. chihuahua/poodle mix, has been so stinky (breath and gas) that we could hardly stand to be around him, although we love him, of course. The great news is, Garrison does not stink at all! As I mentioned before, Gus goes right into his crate for the Tasty Rewards treats. In fact, I am running out and need to order a big bag ASAP. From Susan

Cat has stopped “urking” since the switch to Life’s Abundance food

Gotta let you know! FooFur is now close to one week on the new cat food, and he is not urking at all like he had been! I think he's also happier after he eats... just something in the way he behaves, searches me out to snuggle up for a bit. I'll introduce the food to Ebony beginning this coming weekend. From Karyl

No more “I’m hungry” dance

Your comment when we first started with the Trilogy dog food about it being more filling and the dogs would eat less was what I first noticed when we [temporarily] went back to the Purina One. The dogs were starting to do their "I'm hungry" dance about an hour before it was dinnertime. With the Trilogy they were chilled out and I was the one announcing it was time to eat. Noticeable difference. From Lauren

Flea Free saves the day!

Just a note to say that I love the Flea Free Natural Product!

With 2 dogs who weigh 26 lbs and 42 lbs and a 14 year old cat, it worked beautifully this season. As soon as I put it in the water bowl, they went right to work drinking and lapping up the water. They love it!

I can say that I will never put poison on my animals again and am so sorry I didn't hear about this product before now.

Thanks, Rebecca, for introducing me to6 pt Flea Free. It was a life saver! From Nancy

Lab puppies thrive when breeder weans them right onto Life’s Abundance

The puppies are doing great, growing and 10 pounds now. They love the food and definitely don't eat as much compared to their previous food and the stools look great also. The other food seemed to make the stools look "gooey," extremely dark, and too heavy for their tummies, even though it was moistened. They appear to have a lot of energy and are very happy with the food change for sure - a difference I noticed. From Nita, professional breeder

Cats know good food when they taste it (and dogs, too)!

Okay. Have you been talking to my cats? They are fishing Trilogy food out of the mix and eating it, leaving the Hill's Science Diet on the floor. Hmmmm. Too bad I mixed them together! What a mess they're making. They are true 4-legged testimonials for your cat food. My fussy girl girl, Jessie [a greyhound], is loving her mealtimes now and I can't wait for the Purina One to run out. I mixed it, too.  From Lauren

One food for five dogshurray!

The surprising thing to me is that our little Boo-Boo who has SO much trouble with digesting his food has been able to eat Life’s Abundance! The first two years I had him, he was on the ID dog food from the vet, and even this caused some problems. When I went to a holistic vet, she worked with herbs and we were able to get him on Wellness, which he has been eating for the past years. What a job, feeding different dog food to all the dogs! Now I will not have an issue, one dog food for five of the dogs, more room in my pantry! From Julie

Dogs like it, and the prices are reasonable!

The doggies sure liked it when I gave it to them out of my hand [Life’s Abundance dry dog food]. I also ordered some of the canned food—my older guy likes something extra. The prices are very reasonable—compared to Taste of the Wild and Wellness Core which is what I've been using. So thanks again and I will pass the word around about the food. From Sue

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Recent Comments on Our Photography

Virgil Sweeden and Rebecca Forrest you have given me so many of my best memories in print. I cherish my portraits more than you will ever realize. From the very first time I met Virgil and he took Kippie’s photos down by the river. From Kim

Some of our favorite agility pup shots came from the lens of Virgil Sweeden! From Sonny

Above all it was a fun experience! Virgil and Rebecca were very patient, professional, and clicked the photos at the right moments! What patience! Thank you! We are anxious to receive our photo and CD. From Liz and Nancy

Just want you to know that I received my pics and I am thrilled!!! I cannot believe how well they turned out. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much. From Sharon

I received my order and I am so pleased with the photos. Thank you so much for all your time and patience on getting the perfect shots of my special girl Gracie. Also thank you for all the nice extras. I will cherish these photos as she is really special to me. Thanks! From Roz

The pics are here and well worth waiting for!!! In fact I was just working with them this afternoon, viewing them again, and putting them into my computer. MUCH thanks. The big one is framed and is stunning. From Cathy

I got my pictures on Friday, I was thrilled with them. As always you take incredible photos. I am more than pleased. And I love the wallet size. YOU ARE THE BEST! From Kim

I can not tell u how amazing n patient u r with us crazy dog people! The pictures both agility n head shots of felon were awesome! U r a class act! Everything is so professional from taking the pics to the smaller details of putting a pic on the cd. Just wanted to thank you for a great photo experience once again!!!! From Angie

The photos arrived in the mail today - absolutely beautiful, I love them. Thank you so very much for the extra print outs, it was kind of you. Out of all the photographers I have seen and met at the agility trials over the past 10 months we have been trialing, your photos are by far the best quality and you capture the moment and their personality so well. Thank you again - hopefully down the road you will be at a trial when we earn our first MACH that will definitely be a day I want captured in photos! From Denise

I love the photos! One is displayed on my desk at work. I get some flack because I'm one of those disgusting "tidy desk" people.... but the portraits of my boys are very prominent. The green background with my red fawn boys just pops. I've gotten so many compliments and comments. Thank you for the time you took to capture Ivan and Jude so perfectly. Their personalities just shine through. From Vicki

Just wanted to say thank you for the great photos. I've received compliments about them from everyone that has seen them. You really did a great job taking portraits of my dogs.  From Tammy

Thanks so much for the awesome pics. You two truly do a great job and make a great team! Look forward to the next event. I'm sure you recognize many of your pics as my profile on facebook ;) From Laura

Thank you for sending the web file of the photos I ordered. I love sending them to Tater's breeder and she appreciates them so much! You do such great work and are so enjoyable to work with. From Jane

Received my order, absolutely thrilled with your work and prices, love the pictures you included, thank you so much!! I will look forward to having you do more work for me this season, with my bouvier too! From Nanette

Just FYI, the ONLY reason I registered to come play at that trial this coming Saturday is because you guys will be there! (Otherwise, I go to closer trials). From Margaret

Thank you. We enjoyed the experience [private portrait session] and loved the photos. My husband even gave a referral to one of his coworkers. From Cindy

Thanks Virgil and Rebecca! You have the talent of capturing some really special moments Virgil. And Rebecca you have a good eye on helping to sort through them. You see things that I don't at times. You guys are a wonderful team. From Peggy

I thought those wallet prints and the 5 x 7 print must be an extra gift from you. Thank you! I am so very glad to have these pictures of our very special day at those Rally Trials. And I am very glad to have gotten to know you both, and grateful I can consult with you re "doggie things", especially dog diets. From Helen

Gosh, that was fast, got my order today! Thank you so much for the wallets--that means a lot and I really appreciate it. Hope to see you guys at a trial again soon, and get more of Virgil's great shots of my guys. I'd also like to get a couple of my young pup who travels with us, but isn't old enough to trial yet, if he has time at one of the events. Thanks again, you guys rock ;-) From Karen

I have bought a few pictures from other photographers at shows and yours are definitely much better pictures. So much clearer and brighter and great action pics. There is definitely a difference. Just wanted to let you know that you are my photographer of choice. (And I am not just saying that). From Debbie

Hi, just a note to let you know that I received my CD and have printed some of the photos. They are great. Thanks so much for the extras, I do a lot of scrapbooking and the wallet prints will be great for that. Hope to see you guys soon. Again, thanks so much. From Sheila

Thanks for sending the photos by e-mail. I'm excited about getting them up on my web site. My favorite photos of Cait were taken by Virgil. He seems to capture the teamwork better than anyone else. Lots of photographers offer nice photos of just the dog, but to me, seeing us do it together really tells the story so much better. I really appreciate that about you guys. From Christie

Received photos today and as expected, they are terrific. Even my husband liked them and he is not easy to please. Thanks and see you soon. From Betsy

I'm looking forward to seeing the CD. The e-mailed pictures are extraordinary. It's hard enough to get a good picture of a black dog, but to get great stop action photographs is incredible. Thanks again, and I'm hoping to run into you at future shows! From Pat

Hi! I just received my CD with the candid shots of me & my Old English Sheepdog. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the quality of the pictures on both the CD & the wallet-sized prints! I hope you are at shows in the future where I am entered as I would love to have more pictures like these. From Marilyn

Thanks! Love the pictures. I'll be updating our website soon with them. We breed the Cavs as well as show and love them. I do like the Bath Fresh and have used it a couple of times already. It really smells great! From Lori

Just wanted to thank you for the great pictures of my dogs on the CD. i really like the extra close up of Posie. That was her first time in the trial ring. From Kathy

Speaking about excellent photography, please thank Virgil for me. I really like what he did with Kakoe’s compilation. Most AWESOME! From Rick

I just wanted to let you both know that I received the picture in the mail. I am very pleased and I wanted to let you know you did a great job! From Vic

Jeremy and I would like to thank you again for getting such great shots of Sagira as she earned her first ever agility title. We have been showing everyone the great work you did. Thank you for the wallet prints as well. Hope to see you again at local events. From Christina

Virgil does an awesome job at catching personality and the "real" dog in his photos. You do an awesome job of getting them together for us "not so patient" clients. From Laura

We have the most amazing pics of Beau and Trace on a CD you sent to us. The pic is perfect of Beau looking back at Virgil while on the table... Virgil takes the best pics. Trials are expensive enough...but love the memories of them when Virgil captures the best of them... Beau didn't even Q when he took such a precious photo... Look forward to seeing you at trials!!! From Sayre

The composite looks lovely! It’s just what I had in mind. Thank you. P.S. You’re tops when it comes to portraits and customer service! From Laura

Thank you so much, Rebecca & Virgil! What a great service you provide! Sending the wallets as thank you gifts & the digital images were a welcome surprise! I will buy photos from you at every trial where you are photographing. From Tricia

Thanks for being so professional and gracious. You do incredible work!! I showed my husband the pictures and he wants me to order him a print. From Leslie

Thanks so much! I just got back from the mailbox and was disappointed to not see my CD yet and then here they are on my computer! They look great and I will be sending them out to all my friends right away. I hope you are at another trial we are showing at in the future, I’ll start saving my money. <g> From Cindy

I found your show schedule online this morning, and I was thrilled to see that you're going to be at so many of the North Olmsted trials in 2010. I go to almost all of those shows, and I love your photos!! Virgil has such a good eye for just the right angle for action shots. :)  From Lynn

I've gotten so many wonderful compliments on Max's Christmas pictures. I did a collage of them and framed it for my aunt (who's in a nursing home) and she just adores it. From Gay

Thanks! You guys do an awesome job! Maybe you should come to Florida. From Kath

WOW!!! Thank you so much!! That is SO kind of you both.  I certainly know WHY you keep your clientele with such wonderful service, that's how! Again many many thanks. From Sheila

Got the pics yesterday!! Again thank you thank you thank you! they are so nice! I've been showing them off to everyone! From Robin

Got the pictures and wanted to THANK YOU for the bonus wallets!!! That was sooooo nice of you and I just LOVE that picture you got of Oreo! He's a rescue and I plan to send 2 of the wallets to the ladies who rescued him from the kill shelter. I think they'll really get a kick out of them. :) Thanks again! From Christina

Thanks so much for the quick service AND the extra wallet prints. Very kind of you. Sorry to be so slow in thanking, as I’ve been trying to rush out stuff for the dog clubs then ran in to email problems for over a day. Thanks again for the service, & just for being there to photograph the little darlings. From Lucy

Thank you so much for the CD and the wallet pictures - they're great!!!!! I love to be able to show off my pup to other people and with the wallets, I can, yea! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wonderful quality on the CD:) - very good action shots. You did a great job! From Diane

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Changes We’ve Seen in Our Own Dogs and Cat

In 2009, Virgil and I changed what we feed our dogs and cat. We’ve also added supplements, and we’ve changed our dogs to high-quality treats and safe pork-hide chews (goodbye, Milk Bones and rawhide!). Since then, we’ve seen some fascinating changes in our animals:

Before:    Our cat Lucy was always a pest about food. She would eat and then be in our faces twenty minutes later for more food. Even when she had food in her bowl, she would pester us for more food. And she has been overweight for years.

Now:        Since we changed her food, we’ve noticed that she’s bothering us less and interacting with us more. She is voluntarily eating less and is obviously more satisfied with her food. We believe it’s because she’s finally well-nourished. All the years she ate Iams food, she was apparently hungry all the time, even after just eating. So now we have a cat, not a food-demanding machine. We’re confident that she’ll slowly lose weight.

Before:    Our dogs Logan and Zelda were frantic at mealtime. They danced and barked and then plunged headlong into their bowls of food. We thought it meant that they loved their food. Also, we saw some food aggression in Zelda.

Now:        Since we switched their food, their behavior has changed. They’re still interested in food, but they eat much more calmly. And the food aggression has completely vanished! They are voluntarily eating less, looking healthy, and acting much more settled about meals.

Before:    Our Logan, a 5-year-old greyhound who had broken his leg and had two surgeries, was yelping and limping a lot in the early spring. He became lethargic and stopped running and playing. We did a short course of an anti-inflammatory and had him checked by the surgeon. She reported that there’s nothing to address, just wear-and-tear from the old injury and surgeries.

Now:        We’ve added a supplement that promotes joint health. Since then, Logan has completely stopped yelping and limps only rarely. And he’s playing and running again! The supplement seems to keep him from pain and make exercise fun for him. It’s working so well that we’ve started Glory and even 2-year-old greyhound Zelda on it.

Before:    Glory, our a 11-year-old greyhound, was underweight for years, and her coat was thin and patchy. She frequently skipped several meals in a row, worrying us a lot.

Now:        With the new food, Glory’s coat became positively furry in just about six weeks. And it became a deeper color. Also, Glory stopped skipping meals. Best of all, she gained about two pounds!

Before:    Jordie, our 2-year-old greyhound, came to us with a coat that was rough to the touch. He almost felt like a wire-haired greyhound! We thought his coat was some kind of variation, that maybe not all greyhounds have smooth, silky coats.

Now:        After just a few weeks on Life’s Abundance, Jordie has the silkiest coat of all our dogs, and the color has deepened and become more dramatic.

Before:    We believed that commercial pet foods and treats were, in fact, nutritious and trustworthy. We knew nothing about how to interpret the ingredients list or the guaranteed analysis on the bag.

Now:        We know that almost every commercial brand contains (a) ingredients that are highly indigestible and totally non-nutritious and/or (b) ingredients that are dangerous, disgusting, and named in ways that fool most people who buy the products. We know that all forms of corn, wheat, and soy are nearly useless and can cause allergies. Ingredients such as “meat and bone meal,” “meat by-products,” “beef tallow,” and more are horrific in what they contain. And the “guaranteed analysis” is anything but guaranteed to be what it says!

Virgil’s Story about Our Boy Logan

From an email that Virgil just sent to one of our clients

      I have something very happy to report re our dog, Logan, and his feed habits. He’s always been rather serious about his food and has always eaten right to the bottom of the bowl in one sitting. With the old food, he dived in as if starving. Now, on Wednesday, after about 10 weeks on the Life’s Abundance, Logan failed to finish his breakfast. He returned to his bowl later in the afternoon and ate the last kibbles only a couple hours before dinner. It brought me to tears. Logan is finally fully nourished! His body no longer cries out in vain for nutrients. He can relax and enjoy his feed at leisure. Our other two greyhounds are casual feeders and Logan may now be joining them. I am absolutely delighted at this turn of events.

If you’d like to know about what we’re now feeding, or you’d like help interpreting what’s in your dog’s or cat’s food, please click here, or email Rebecca or Virgil.

Or click here to watch a very informative video.

We’d be glad to talk with you about these products. This is important!

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