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Upcoming: Links to new galleries, other helpful links, and the PawPrintsLife schedule

Articles: A page of links to articles written by Virgil and Rebecca

Info: FAQs about Paw Prints’ ownership, services, and contact information

        Virgil and Rebecca’s Animals: Some candid photos of our animal friends

        Nikon D3: A Q&A page about the PawPrintsLife action cameras, with examples of


        Gift Certificates: Information about PawPrintsLife gift certificates

        What Sets PawPrintsLife Photography Apart: Information on the personal attention

        and professional service PawPrintsLife provides

        Photo Products: Show-and-tell page about PawPrintsLife products, including Art

        Prints, Sequences, and Composites/Collages

        Choosing Agility Photos: Rebecca’s suggestions for deciding which photos to buy

        Business Income from Portrait Events: Suggestions for how a for-profit business can

        organize and make money from a PawPrintsLife portrait event

        Nonprofit Income from Portrait Events: Suggestions for how a nonprofit organization

        can organize and generate revenue from a PawPrintsLife portrait event

Portraits: An intro to PawPrintsLife portraits, with a large example picture and a gallery of portraits, as well as links to galleries of portrait events

Agility: An intro to PawPrintsLife agility action coverage, with a large example photo, as well as links to galleries of agility trials (including second-chance galleries)

Obedience: An intro to PawPrintsLife obedience and rally action coverage, with links to galleries of obedience and rally events (including second-chance galleries)

Other Events: An intro to PawPrintsLife other event coverage, with example photo, as well as links to flyball, weddings, picnics, fund-raisers, national specialties, and more

Note:   Photos from a certain event or trial stay on the website for two or three months. If

            you’re interested in seeing shots from an event that’s no longer on the website,

            contact Virgil or Rebecca, or call 513-779-8934.