The bottom of this page contains a gallery of images from this event. Links to second-chance galleries (including candid shots, awards, portraits, and Sunday requests) are below.

For information on Queen City Dog Training Club, click here. PawPrintsLife enjoys working with this fun club.

Second-Chance Galleries

Saturday Rally Ex, Ad, Nv

Saturday Obedience Nv, Beg Nv

Requests, Candids, Portraits, Awards

Ordering Instructions

To find photos from this event, click on the second-chance galleries above. Each gallery contains one image per run. In almost every case, we have more images from the run. We wish we could publish all the photos online, but we take 10,000 to 20,000 per weekend. We can’t publish that much, and we wouldn’t want you to have to weed through that many!

To see more of your dog’s images:

1. Please find all your dog’s images in these galleries.

2. Email the image numbers to Virgil. We’ll send you thumbnails of the other pictures of your dog from those runs.

Here are prices for commonly ordered products for this event:

- 4x6 print: $12 (duplicate of same image, $9)

- 5x7 print: $18 (duplicate of same image, $14)

- 8x10 print: $25 (duplicate of same image, $18)

- CD: $16 for first image, $8 for each additional image (contains a print-quality, full-resolution file and a reduced-size web version for each image on the CD)

- Wallet prints: 8 to a page (all the same image), $25 (duplicate page, $18)

- Sequence: 3 or 4 images (such as successive shots over a jump), 11x14 $100, 16x20 $135  (for 5 or more images in a sequence, please ask for a quote)

- Text: Added to any print, up to three lines, $5

Other sizes and special products such as art prints and sequences are available. Email us for those details, please.

Shipping for a CD or print order (or a combined CD and print order) with prints up to 5x7 in size is $3 for the whole order. Shipping for an order that includes an 8x10 is $5. Shipping for an order that includes an 11x14 (or larger) is $7.

Once you’ve decided on images to buy:

1. If paying by check, include a note with the image numbers and your choice of product (CD, print, size, etc.) as well as your full name, mailing address, and email address. Make your check payable to Paw Prints at 5512 Woodbridge Lane, Dayton OH 45429. There is no minimum order for check payment.

2. If paying by credit card, please call us at 513-779-8934. We’ll need the image numbers and your choice of product (CD, print, size, etc.) as well as your full name, mailing address, email address, and credit card information. The minimum credit card order is $24.

We’ll process and ship your order after receiving your payment, usually within two to four weeks. When we get really busy, orders can take a little longer.

We manually crop, exposure balance, and color correct each image we sell. The galleries contain images that have been only very generally edited. Finished work is nicely polished.

Gallery of Fun Images

This gallery contains some of our favorite images from this event.  


Queen City AKC Obedience/Rally

Aug 20-21, 2011, Sharonville OH (#309)