This is the second year we’ve traveled to Paradise in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, about two hours north of Mackinac Bridge. We stayed at Saunders Sunrise Cabins, just a bit north of Paradise, right on the shore of Whitefish Bay.

We had sunny days, lots of wading in the bay, exquisite sunsets, and starry nights. Late, lazy breakfasts, fresh-caught whitefish for dinner, and a lot more, including a fairly goofy marine-style haircut for Virgil from a barber who might not have been able to do another style!

We took relatively few photos because we were spending our time relaxing.

Perhaps best of all, we had Paradise with three greyhounds along in the cabin!

Fun Gallery

Here’s a gallery of images we especially enjoyed from our glorious days on Whitefish Bay.


Virgil & Rebecca’s Vacation in Paradise

July 2012, Paradise MI