Our last portrait event. Bittersweet.

So many great memories, and such hospitality by Susan Jenkins, her husband Lew, and all our Papp’s Dog Services friends over the years.

Please check out all the fun shots we got of people and animals.

You can also see images from this event on Facebook here. Please be sure to friend both Virgil and Rebecca on Facebook so you can keep up with our adventures!

Our sincere thanks to everyone

who has made our career in pet-

and-people portrait photography so

fun and memorable.

We will do occasional people-

and-pet portrait sessions at our

studio outside Dayton OH or at

nearby locations. Email us if you’re


Sold Images

Here are some of the images we enjoyed most from this portrait event. Click Play Slideshow to cycle through the images. Or click on a single image to enlarge it. You may have to scroll down after doing that to see the enlarged version.


Papp’s Dog Services Portraits

Mar 25 2017, Akron OH (#522)