This page contains suggestions that you may apply as they fit your organization’s circumstances.

PawPrintsLife does not charge a location photography fee to participate in an event sponsored by a nonprofit organization.

Use the month before your event to “sell” photo sitting appointments to your clients for a donation of about $10 to $20 per half-hour time slot. Space sittings 30 minutes apart for smaller groups or well-trained animals or 60 minutes apart for larger groups or less trained animals. We’ll provide an event flyer for publicity upon request.

You can use the donation either as a income for your organization, to offset the cost of using the building, or for a specific charity that your organization supports.

During the event, we’ll offer both photo prints and CDs, at our regular à la carte pricing. We can also collect the donation you expect from each client and then submit the donations to you. If you’re using the donation for a charity, we will make a contribution as well.

The event can be a day long, an evening long, or even multiple days or evenings in a row. If you decide on multiple days/evenings, we ask that you book the earlier days and time slots first.

We suggest making the portraits an annual or twice yearly event. Many organizations have found that they start with one day or evening, and in following years, the event turns into two days or even three or four successive evenings.

We find that organizations are often able to secure 10-20 scheduled appointments before the actual event. Most people scheduled for a sitting will show up, but a few won’t, resulting in some open time in the schedule for walk-ins. Or, if your organization has a waiting list for appointments, people on the list can be called in to fill the open slots.

We’ll sweeten the deal for your participants by providing internet-ready files of the images they have purchased.

Here are some ideas for your portrait day:

  1. Spring Fling Portraits, with portraits to be delivered in time for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We have blue, pink, and green backdrops that are perfect for spring.

  2. Summer Dog Days Portraits, to which you can invite people to bring a patriotic bandana or other red-white-and-blue apparel for their pets. We have red and blue backdrops that they can choose from.

  3. Happy Howl-a-ween Portraits, with a costume contest. We have some autumn props, as well as burnt orange, tan, and very dark blue backdrops.

  4. Holiday Portraits, for individuals or family and pet groups. We can bring along an assortment of holiday props as well as blue, red, and green backdrops.

Portrait subjects can be dogs, dogs and people, or even people alone. We also have experience photographing other animals, such as cats, rabbits, lizards, birds, and horses. We can basically photograph any type of animal you’d welcome into your building!

We offer a wide range of photo products, including standard prints, CDs, and many types of composites/collages and art prints. See our Products page for examples. For examples of our backdrops, see “Backdrop
Choices” on our Portraits page.

The finished prints and CDs can be delivered by mail to each client within about two weeks. Or you may opt to have the products delivered to your location for client pickup.

After the event, we help you keep the interest going in portraits. We are happy to provide you with a free 8x10 print from your clients’ selections for each frame you hang in your organization’s public areas. When people see the portraits from one event, they are often very interested in getting on the schedule for the next one.

Customers love having their best friends featured at your location! They tell their friends and make any excuse to visit your offices and swell with pride over their pets. Display photos also make repeating a photography event very simple. Past customers are already sold on the
service, and others ask when they’ll get the chance for a photo sitting.

With this simple model, you make money, PawPrintsLife makes money, and our clients are delighted.

Give it a try!


Nonprofit Income from Portrait Events