As we wind down to retirement from portrait events, this was our last year photographing at Hamilton Dog Training Club. We have so many good memories of the people, dogs, and cats we’ve photographed there over the years.

Please check out the fun shots we got of people and animals! I wish I could publish some of the extra-special holiday-themed photos here, but we’ll wait to do that until January 2017, so we don’t spoil anyone’s holiday surprise plans.

You can also see images from this event on Facebook here. Please be sure to friend both Virgil and Rebecca on Facebook so you can keep up with our adventures!

Sold Images

Here are some of the images we enjoyed most from this portrait event. Click Play Slideshow to cycle through the images. Or click on a single image to enlarge it. You may have to scroll down after doing that to see the enlarged version.


HDTC Portraits

Oct 30-31, Nov 1 2016, Fairfield OH (#519)